Justin Briggs is a scientific entrepreneur and investor working at the nexus of chemistry, biology, and engineering.

Currently, Justin serves as Senior Director of Drug Development and Program Management at Tetherex Pharmaceuticals. Tetherex is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing SelK2 (anti-PSGL-1), a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of multiple inflammatory conditions.

Justin has been involved as a founder, investor, advisor, or team member for more than a dozen biotech, nanotech, robotics, and software companies, and gained experience across a wide range of development and commercialization activities relevant to early-stage science-based companies.

Justin also supports a growing portfolio of hard technology startups as Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures. DSV is a London-based venture laboratory that designs and builds optimal scientific ventures to tackle the biggest problems in healthcare, agriculture, energy, climate, and next-generation computing. DSV provides a framework and resources from an elite team, top investors, leading philanthropies, and Fortune 100 partners up front to architect collaboratively. DSV then recruits talented scientific entrepreneurs to research, diligence, found, and ultimately build science-based businesses that redefine their industries.

Prior to Tetherex and DSV, Justin worked on both sides of the table at a biotech venture accelerator and venture capital fund, serving as Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Accele BioPharma and Venture Associate at Accele Venture Partners. Accele identified, funded, and managed novel therapeutic and diagnostic startups, including programs to regenerate beta cells in the pancreas for diabetes, regenerate neurons and hair cells for hearing loss and balance disorders, discovery of fully human antibodies for cancer, infectious, and neglected disease treatments and diagnostics, and antibiotics discovery tackling multi-drug resistant organisms. Prior to that, Justin served increasing drug development roles at Altheus Therapeutics.

Justin previously founded SnapLap Technologies (machine vision AI for energy exploration), Chorus Labs (productivity software) and is an inventor and author on multiple patents and peer-reviewed publications.

In 2019, based on a passion for difficult scientific challenges and the companies that tackle them, Justin founded TomorrowScale. TomorrowScale Ventures partners with scientific entrepreneurs to create the future.